Commercial Chain Link

Commercial Chain Link Fencing

The most commonly used type of commercial chain link fencing is six feet high and can sometimes include barbed wire. This is typically installed to secure a building, parking lot, or other material that is stored outside.

Other uses for commercial chain link fencing include: backstops, batting cages, dumpster enclosures, steel single-swing or double-swing gates, cantilever slide gates, and fencing applications where the height of the fencing could be 20 feet or more. The standard heights for commercial fencing applications are 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 feet. Commercial chain link fencing is also available in black, brown, and green vinyl-coated at the same heights.

When you’re shopping for the best fencing quote please be sure to compare the quotes carefully. A quote may state it will include a 2 1/2” post, but that doesn’t tell you the wall thickness of the post. It could be .065 tubing or .203 schedule 40. They both look the same from the outside after it is installed, but the .203 schedule 40 will last a lot longer.

Please call us to have a member of our knowledgeable sales staff visit your business to fully review all your options, post sizes, wall thickness, wire gauge etc.,  We can then make suggestions based upon our vast installation experience and provide you with a free estimate. Or, if you have blueprints or drawings, you can email them to us and we can provide a quote based on those specifications.