About Us

About Us – Our Pledge Of Service

Schrock Fence makes the following Pledge of Service to you:

FREE CONSULTATION – We will schedule an appointment to meet at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll listen to your vision for your fencing plan and offer suggestions or options that may be of interest to you. Whenever possible, we’ll provide brochures and show you samples.

FREE QUOTE – We will provide a free quote(s) based on the options discussed during the consultation appointment. In most cases we can provide you with a customized quote in only 1-2 days. When completed we’ll mail, fax, or email you a formal proposal/contract for the fencing option(s) that you requested.

SCHEDULING – Once we receive a signed copy of the proposal/contract back along with a 1/3 down payment, we will schedule your project. You’ll get a call from our office within two days of receiving your payment with a tentative start date for your fencing project. If your fencing project is scheduled for more than ten days from the date we receive your check we will provide you with periodic updates on when the work will actually start. While we do our best to meet the originally scheduled installation date, sometimes we are delayed waiting on materials or by the weather.

INSURANCE – We carry all the required liability insurance coverage along with workers’ compensation insurance. Some townships and municipalities in which we install require a copy of our liability insurance and our workers’ compensation insurance to get your building permit. If that is the case where you live, please contact your salesperson and they will have our insurance carrier send one directly to the township.

PERMITS – We will work with you to make sure that the type of fencing and the height of the fencing is allowed by the township or municipality in which you live. As the property owner, you’re responsible for obtaining and paying for the actual building permit, if required.

SUB-CONTRACTORS – We never use subcontractors for any of our projects.
BEFORE WE DIG – We will make the call to PA One Call to have any potential utilities marked on your property. Please keep in mind that utility companies do not mark on private property. If you have any previously installed underground utilities for outdoor lighting or sheds, you are responsible for marking those items before our installation crew begins work.

ONCE WORK BEGINS – You will get a call from our office staff or the project manager a day or two before we begin the installation. On the morning of your installation, we will need you to meet with one of our foremen to review the fencing layout. This process typically takes only fifteen minutes. This review process is critical so we can make sure there is agreement on the location of all corner posts, end posts, and gate posts.

LONGER PROJECTS – If your project will take more than one day to complete, we many need to leave material and or equipment on your property overnight. Our foreman will review this information on the morning of the first day of installation so that we can agree on an appropriate location to store the material and or equipment.

WHILE ON YOUR PROPERTY – We promise to treat your property as if it was our own. Our crews will not smoke on your property, nor will they will leave trash or debris lying around or use foul language. We do permit them to smoke alongside or inside our company’s vehicles as long as they are off of your property.

WHEN THE WORK IS COMPLETED – When the work is complete it is important that someone walk the fence line with our foreman to make sure that everything was installed properly and that all gates are working. If this is not possible we ask that you please walk the complete fence line later that day or the following day and make sure that everything was installed to your expectations and is working properly. Please call to let us know that we have completed the work to your satisfaction, or, if we need to return to address any problems.

WARRANTY – We will make sure to give you a copy of the manufacturers’ warranty on the specific product that we installed. Our labor and installation is guaranteed for one year.

Thank you for choosing Schrock Fencing Company – we are fully committed to your complete satisfaction.